Pornotopia: The Films of Doris Wishman

One of my favorite books in the field of porn studies is Paul Preciado’s Pornotopia: An Essay on Playboy’s Architecture and Biopolitics. It’s a recent book and I always enjoy exploring it with my students. I’ve taught a lot of different material over the past decade plus in this class, including the films of Doris Wishman. Last semester when I asked students for feedback, they expressed disappointment that I didn’t show more visual material along with the Pornotopia reading, including stag films. When I first started teaching this class, I remember there wasn’t much in the way of old stag films on the web, or even trailers for films by Doris Wishman. Things certainly have changed, with a wealth of this material freely available. Below is an effort to share some of this visual work with you.

Doris Wishman Film Trailers